Canada Day Lotto Results

Canada Day Lotto Results

Canada Day Lotto

Canada Day Lotto Winning Numbers

You may just find out from here that you are the most fortunate person on earth to win the €15 Million Canada Day Lotto Draw Jackpot! Once the game goes live, the results at each prize level for the Canada Day Lotto draw, winning numbers are shared here!

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This special Canada Day Lotto draw will be live on Tuesday the 1st of July 2021, at 19:00 UK time, coming with an extraordinary chance of hitting the mind-blowing €15 Million jackpot! The entry price is as low as €1.50 and you are qualified to take part in the Canada Day Lotto draw. To try your luck at the €15 Million jackpot , choose 6 numbers out of 50 + 1 Joker Ball out of 5 numbers. The winning numbers will be released immediately after the draw is over. Good luck!