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Here you will find the latest winning lottery numbers for lotteries such as EuroMillions and Powerball. If you’re curious about the winning numbers, you can use this page to check your numbers against the winning draw to see if you are due a prize.
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Lottery Date Results
JackpotRush 2023-06-01
SuperEnalotto 2023-06-01
OZ Powerball 2023-06-01
Pick3 2023-06-01
JackpotRush 2023-06-01
JackpotRush 2023-06-01
JackpotLotto 2023-06-01
Pick3 2023-06-01
JackpotRush 2023-06-01
JackpotRush 2023-06-01
JackpotRush 2023-06-01
UK Powerball 2023-05-31
Lotto America 2023-05-31
Powerball 2023-05-31
Canada 649 2023-05-31
Pick3 2023-05-31
JackpotRush 2023-05-31
JackpotLotto 2023-05-31
JackpotMillions 2023-05-31
Cash4Life 2023-05-31
French Loto 2023-05-31
JackpotRush 2023-05-31
Irish Lotto 2023-05-31
Mega Sena 2023-05-31
UK Lotto 2023-05-31
Thunderball 2023-05-31
Wed Lotto 2023-05-31
Pick3 2023-05-31

Comparing your lottery numbers

Should you be so lucky as to be our next winner, you will be notified as soon as possible via email and your prize will be credited into your account. This page is updated after each and every draw with the latest lottery results so you will also be able to compare your numbers - which can be found in your account - to the winning numbers.
When you bet on a lottery and place your order, a copy of the order can be found in the Activity section of your account. You’ll be able to check your lottery numbers and find other details about your order - in case you’ve forgotten what your submitted numbers were.
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Once you win, you will find your winnings in your account. If you’d like to withdraw your winnings to your bank account, simply press the Withdraw button on your Account page and follow the instructions to complete your transaction. You can withdraw a minimum of €5, and a maximum of €1,000 automatically. If your share of any winnings exceeds this amount, you will need to contact our Customer Support Team to put in order the collection of your prize. Once your withdrawal request has been accepted, it may take up to 72 hours for funds to become present in your account if you have used a credit card or an eWallet. Contact the Team here.
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