Summer Lotto Results

Summer Lotto Results

Summer Lotto

Summer Lotto Winning Numbers

This is where you can find the results for the Summer Lotto Draw, winning numbers, and the various prizes released at each prize level, including the jackpot.

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The lottery results are uploaded as soon as the game goes live! Cross-check the drawn numbers as shown above with the ones on your lottery ticket to see if you won!
Remember: The one-time Summer Lotto Draw goes live on Monday the 21st of June 2021, at 19:00 UK time, with the chances of winning a massive €15 Million Jackpot! With only €1.50, you become eligible to take part in the Summer Lotto Draw.
To try your luck at the €15 Million jackpot, choose 6 from 50 main numbers and 1 Joker Ball from 5 numbers. The winning numbers will be released immediately after the draw is over.